About Us


MBstudios is a creative design studio that specializes in drafting original artwork through a variety of mediums. Creating unique art for a unique you is the name of the game.  Founded in 2011 MBstudios is constantly expanding and growing.  Offering everything from professional quality prints and canvases, to apparel and custom art.  Focusing on subject matter across quite a few genres there's a little something for just about everyone.


Greetings and salutations my name is Mark Baines and I am the Artist and Owner of MBstudios, LLC.  Now that that's out of way... well I've been doing art for a very long time.  Really as long as I can remember.  I started drawing around the age of 6.  I had a passion and love for cartoons and comic books.  I started with stick figures and quickly progressed into emulating some of my all time favorite comics like Spiderman, Batman, and Wolverine.  Lol those were the days... not a care in the world and all I wanted to do was draw!  I honestly can't stop creating art even if I really wanted to.  All through school and even to this day; if I am in a meeting or anywhere with a pen/pencil in my hand and something to write on I just start doodling and drawing as if I were that 6 year old kid again without a care in the world.  I think every artist does this... and little do we know these are usually seeds for something larger than life. 

As an artist I am inspired by many different things.  Well honestly almost everything!  One of my biggest inspirations is other artists!  No matter how many artists I meet each and every one of them are different. They all have their own lane and ride them well. Art is awesome.  It opens up the mind to a world full of endless possibilities.  Breaking away from the rigid world of structure allows the mind to unwind and really release some stress.  Don't believe me, try a paint and sip class...  You will thank me later :)

MBstudios Gallery

I started doing commissions and other freelance work under MBstudios around 2005-2006.  Logos, graphics, and portraits were the bulk of the requests.  I really enjoyed creating but quickly learned how difficult the "customization" business can be.  However as an artist.... that's what I do... I customize ish....  So I learned to set paramaters to make the business work for me.  In 2011 MBstudios, became MBstudios LLC and launched an online presence. With launching a website I opened Pandora's box lol.  I was doing all of the coding and designing myself so it took a lot of my focus off of the art.  I really hated this phase of things.  Nevertheless my determination persevered. By 2013 I was back to the art creating like I had never created before.  I started playing around with wood and things got really exciting!  In 2014 I threw myself to the wolves and began displaying my art at open markets and a few shows here and there.  This was a great time for exposure.  I was doing car shows, taking on new commissions from a whole new demographic, and really putting myself out there.  In 2016 I felt MBstudios was ready for a store front.  A real physical location that people could come to and see the art... a gallery.  Well it was mostly an add on to my tattoo studio, yes I am a professional tattoo artist also.  More about that at another time.  At any rate it was a good fit and business thrived until the end of 2017.  It was a good fit but not the  best fit. I learned a lot about operating a storefront and will be forever grateful for the opportunity.  I am back to business as usual.  At the moment I am wrapping up this awesome website you are viewing.  It was a major overhaul to my online gallery and I hope you enjoy it.  I will be converting artwork from my old site for some time so stick around, join the mailing list, and view some art!