His and Hers









Couldn’t think of a better way to represent the king and queen of the castle!  These 2 32x48” wood panels really set the tone.  Hanging in a formal living room space, they immediately grab the eye as soon as you enter the home.  Both are nothing short of stunning.  Contrary to what you see with most sepia toned images; monotonous and sometimes boring.  These portrait panels are dynamic and rather alive despite the warm limited palette.  In fact I only used 6 shades of stain.

The happy homeowners are long time collectors of my work and immediately though of me when it came time to address the blank walls of their lovely new home!  I am forever grateful to have awesome collectors like these.  These are the first 2 of many to be completed for this space.  I am excited and honored to have the opportunity to create some unique pieces for this space!

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